Today’s Editorial: Unrelated?

POSTED: 04/8/11 11:59 AM

Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto’s statement that firing finance department Head Bas Roorda and the fact that Roorda filed a complaint about a punishable act at the public prosecutor’s office are unrelated is curious.

Maybe the Minister is right, we’re not sure, but we think that denying this possibility without giving an alternative explanation triggers more questions than it answers.

Roorda was fired for violating his oath of secrecy. That, and not more, is in his dismissal letter.

We also know that Roorda filed a complaint at the prosecutor’s office.

The thing we do not know – and won’t know until the case goes to court – is what exactly Roorda did to qualify for a rather unceremonious dismissal.

The man himself understandably does not want to add fuel to the fire by making public statements, so the public depends for information on the source on the other end – Minister Shigemoto.

As long as the Minister sticks to denying possible reasons for the dismissal instead of giving the point of explanation, rumors will remain the order of the day.


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