Today’s Editorial: Tragedy and Promise

POSTED: 03/28/11 4:50 PM

The weekend leaves many with mixed emotions as the news that 16 year old Felecia Williams has lost her life. The significance here is that parents will have to bury their child and a future filled with potential has been cut off. Undoubtedly there is grief and questions as to why did this happen, where could this young person have gone and what fame could she have achieved? Answers to those questions will never come.

But it must not escape notice, that even as that one young person left the world, many others were on stage at Celebration Palace putting their talent to work and crafting their dream. To say they excelled is the smallest compliment we can pay, highlighting their achievements is our greatest action as we show that even in loss there are those who are continuing with life, who continue to reach for their dreams.

We hold no claim to no séance, but we believe that the young lady who perished Sunday in her sweet 16, was still dreaming and hoping up until her last breath. With that in mind, we encourage those like her who continue to dream to keep reaching, to remember that life, though fleeting, is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Also grab hold of the vision and dreams of young people yet living and doing and in time the promise of the future will surpass the tragedy of the day.

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Today's Editorial: Tragedy and Promise by

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