Today’s Editorial: The wave still towers high

POSTED: 03/17/11 2:25 PM

Justice Minister Roland Duncan is definitely not tickled that this newspaper has referred to recent tactics used by the police as scenes from Hollywood. What the Minister and all must understand is that statement is not a criticism of the police. Instead it should cause us all to realize that our island is changing and very quickly.

Recently the Minister told Parliament that the days of unlocked doors is long gone. We agree, but what scares us and the society even more is that our Friendly Country is seeing an evolution in crime that we consider shocking and scary. It is shocking because two bullets in a car door was not enough to stop three bandits. Instead they had to be forced off the road. That is the stuff Hollywood action movies are made of. It is not what we want for our island. And let us remind the Minister, we also applauded the police for going as far as they went.

What makes us breath a collective sigh of relief is that nine new detectives were sworn in Wednesday. That means there are more people out there now, who can find out who the criminals and if the other public had no faith in the elders, here’s nine new people you can share information with. Make use of the opportunity.

We concur with the minister that the time is now to be proactive. Buying stolen goods, or jumping in that gypsy sends the message that residents of our friendly country tolerate crime. That message is wrong and we should do everything to stamp it out. That means you too Council of Ministers. One way to rid us of gypsies is to finish the new color coded bus routing system, sending buses into places they don’t go now.

The wave of issues to be tackled still towers high, but we have confidence that our nation can pull through it if we choose to do right.


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