Today’s Editorial: The necessity of families

POSTED: 05/30/11 12:11 PM

A father, a mother, two sons and a daughter. That is the makeup of the group – the Budhrani family – that was presented with the 10th Elton Jones Memorial Award on Sunday night and as Head of the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation’s Prevention Unit Rajesh Chintaman said they are “the perfect way to negate the impact of HIV/AIDS in the community.”
The reason we believe this is true is because they personify what is so necessary to deal with HIV/AIDS or any other terminal illness. In first instance it takes a spark that leads to commitment. Neelam Budhrani caught that spark and took it to her husband Manu. Then comes the next step: support as Manu caught his wife’s vision and committed the family and the business to the cause.
The next instance is the discussion that had to be embarked upon and the difficulty that comes from explaining to a young child why the family is going to do something, without robbing them of their innocence. That is what Neelam, an advocate with a cause, had to do with her youngest son Krish. In the end she found she found the simple and right words, “We’re doing it for a good cause.” And young as he was that was all he needed to know for him to take his youthful enthusiasm to help raise money for something that he may not know all about just yet.
Another simple reason why more families with the Budhrani’s commitment are necessary is that following their example will ultimately keep our society intact as we all work to improve each other’s lives. After one of the true measures of any society is the strength of its families, their support for each other and how that support impacts the community in which they live and love one another.

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