Today’s Editorial: Telem back in the headlines

POSTED: 03/25/11 12:10 PM

The Telem Group of Companies has surged back into the headlines in a “curious way” because the union has demanded that the process of restructuring the company be finalized before a strategic partner is found. This has raised the eye brows of both the shareholder representative and the supervisory board who both say they’ll be conferring with the management to get an idea of where things stand.

The way we see it, the union does not want to be confrontational. Its statement was it fulfilling its role of stating what the members feel about three ongoing processes. The response of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board is also very much in line, with how the situation should be handled and reflects that the board wants to ensure that there is peace at Telem.

The key thing now is for the management to continue a path that it seems to always have been on – having regular contact with the union without seeing their taking a position as an affront and a war cry. In fact we think the union is simply trying to spur on the process just a bit more, by ensuring the management knows their workers see this particular point of the restructuring as a major priority.

So Telem is back in the headlines, not because there’s a controversy, but because people genuinely want to work together to finish a process and ensure that the peace is maintained. That’s a sign our young country is continuing to grow up.


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