Today’s Editorial: Slip of the tongue

POSTED: 04/28/11 12:15 PM

If we wanted to be harsh, we’d say that the Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen has no clue about what is going on in St. Maarten, but we are in a festive mood so we are ready to accept that Hillen’s blooper was a mere slip of the tongue.

Questioned about the reason why military personnel had assisted the police in St. Maarten on March 8, Hillen answered – in writing – that this had to do with a coincidental combination of factors. There had been four murders, several rape cases and there was the Heineken Regatta.

In one sentence, Hillen made two mistakes: he wrote it was Carnival and he added that the regatta is the largest event in St. Maarten.

We know for sure that Carnival started on April 25 and not on March 8. And we also think that Carnival is the largest event in St. Maarten, not the regatta.

What is even more relevant: Carnival requires a much larger police effort than the regatta and that’s what the questions to the minister were all about.

Next time, when Carnival is over, we expect more accurate answers from the minister.


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  1. tired of the politics says:

    control the crime on the island and you could send him home,but first you need to shake up the police department and get rid off the crooks/the bad eggs/oh those that get paid by the Indians the look the other way(you know you are).and the language about sxm will be different.but then we’ll have to shake the whole government for giving citizenship to all those indians that come to sxm but for others they dont have that luck/MONEY to buy they way.take for example the foreigner who married a st maartener did all the paper work then told he have to live his pregnant wife and unborn child go out of the country to get his passport stamp showing he is not on the island,only to be able to see and hold and provide for his child for the first time at the age of 6months.St maarten children needs the fathers,too much st maarten men are in prison as it is aready.