Today’s Editorial: Silence

POSTED: 04/6/11 12:57 PM

First, there was the surprise announcement by the Schotte-government that Rudolf Baetsen, the Chief Financial Officer of the Atlantis World Group would become the chairman of the supervisory board of the Central Bank.

Then we learned that St. Maarten’s Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto did not know anything about this nomination, even though the candidate for the chair has to be somebody both St. Maarten and Curacao agree upon.

Baetsen’s candidacy created a small storm (“the casino world is entering the Central Bank” and similar statements), and there must have been frantic attempts to find information that would disqualify him for the job.

It did not come that far, mainly because Baetsen understood somehow that the Central Bank and controversy do not go well together.

In his March 31 letter to Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte that is best described as humble Baetsen respectfully refuses to accept the post. It was undoubtedly the wise thing to do, so for that we credit R. Baetsen.

What we do not understand is the total lack of a reaction from the government in Curacao. It’s a silence that triggers a lot of questions about Schotte’s motivation to nominate the casino boss singlehandedly. For now, the answers are blowing in the wind, while it remains to be seen whether an alternative for the post will be a truly joint candidate from St. Maarten and Curacao.


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