Today’s Editorial: Shock dismissal

POSTED: 04/3/11 4:13 PM

The dismissal of a key civil servant at the Finance Ministry will get tongues wagging like there is no tomorrow.

The fact that the head of the finance department Bas Roorda received his marching orders after just fifteen months on the job while the board for financial supervision Cft asked the Kingdom Council of Ministers to give an instruction to St. Maarten about how to fix the 2011 budget seems to be no coincidence.

However, as long as neither party comes forward with more details about this shock-dismissal, we consider it prudent to hold our fire for the time being.

We have more reasons to do so than we are able to reveal at this point. In the corridors of power we hear that there are other motives in play, but as long as these stories are not substantiated we will refrain from commenting on the true meaning of this development.

One thing is clear though: Roorda was a key player in the contacts between the Cft and the Finance Ministry. That link has now been broken and it remains to be seen how the government is going to repair the damage.

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