Today’s Editorial: Scapegoats

POSTED: 05/9/11 1:48 PM

It is more than understandable that the family of the schoolgirl who perished in a fatal traffic accident on the Sucker Garden Road on Friday is upset.

Why did this have to happen? And why did this have to happen to a 12-year old-girl with a whole life ahead of her?

There are no answers to such questions, of course. Bad things happen to good people all the time.

In the midst of all this sadness and tragedy it is tempting to look for scapegoats and that is what the family is doing.

But no matter how difficult this may be, we think it proper to await the outcome of the investigation. Only when all the circumstances of this tragedy have been objectively established will we be able to understand what really happened.

And maybe then will we have clues that will enable us to create a safer St. Maarten for all those other school children.


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