Today’s Editorial: Respect

POSTED: 06/1/11 12:19 PM

Former Minister Maria Buncamper-Molanus deserves a lot of respect for the way she reacted to the two armed men who entered her home yesterday. Apparently the motive for the home invasion was robbery – the men took a flat screen TV that they later ditched in the bushes – but until the moment the minister’s husband Claudius fortunately came back home they were also in the business of tying her up. After that, anything could have happened.
But Buncamper-Molanus did not take the robbery lying down. She put up a fight and that earned her the precious time needed for her husband to arrive home.
The cowardly robbers probably left so many clues behind for the forensics department that their arrest will only be a matter of time.
However, that such a robbery took place in broad daylight is a reason for serious concern – and there is no solution at hand to prevent this from happening to others. People will be wise to check upon their security systems, to invest in improvements where necessary and to keep their doors locked, also during the day.

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