Today’s Editorial: Real Solution

POSTED: 03/2/11 1:55 PM

“Crime is at a level because of unemployment and unemployment is at a level because of the low economic turn around that we’re having in our economy right now. I have to do what I have to do as Minister of Economic Affairs to get this economy up and running, put people to work and then hopefully that will trickle over into if I have jobs then I won’t have to rob.”

We believe that mid November statement by Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications rings clear and true today as the nation deals with the brutal slaying of French chef Ludovic Guillevin. The very public place at which he was left to die robs each of us, not necessarily of material possessions, but it does steal away yet another layer of our fragile sense of safety, leaving us vulnerable to warped paranoia like believing arming ourselves is the correct way to deal with criminals. We disagree.

It is our belief that the real solution lies in a strong education that gives our young prospects for a bright future that includes them focusing on their true passion in academics, sport or the arts is the first step. This must be supported by creating new and different jobs that will feed our tourism industry, but will also attract students to come home. Community participation and respect for the rule of law at every level is also key in ensuring that our children and society grow up healthy.

Minister Meyers is right and he’s been using his position to attract more airlines to bring tourists to St. Maarten, but his effort must be supported at home, by a nation that really does say no to crime, otherwise his travels are a waste of time and we’ll never have a real solution.


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