Today’s Editorial: Quibbling

POSTED: 03/8/11 12:34 PM

Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto thinks of tax attorney, former Lt. Governor and members of the board for financial supervision Cft, Max Pandt, as a respected professional. Yet he found reason to throw him out of a meeting with the Cft because Pandt is not on team St. Maarten, so to speak. Pandt is the representative of the BES-islands in the Cft.
The real reason is that Shigemoto (incorrectly) feared that Pandt would be forced down his throat as St. Maarten’s Cft board member.
Pandt is critical, but he is not negative. He simply says what he thinks needs to be said – a breath of fresh air that does not always go down well with politicians.
In future meetings, the Cft will no longer tolerate Pandt’s exclusion at the hands of St. Maarten’s Finance Minister. That much is clear.
Is it an idea for the Minister to spend his available energy on finding solutions for the budget deficit instead of quibbling over non-issues?

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