Today’s Editorial: (Pelican Resort) Back to court

POSTED: 02/27/11 9:15 PM

Simpson Bay Resort Owner Company (SBROC) is heading back to court because they’ll fail to meet a deadline today to reopen the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina and the Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina. This time it’s for summary proceedings filed by time share owners who are shocked at the closure and say it violates the rights they have in their timeshare contracts.
This latest development is just one in a series of events that surrounded the resort since last year when preparations were made for the auction, it was executed and then the property changed hands. From there the new owner has been faced with challenge after challenge and we’re wondering who’ll line up to have a go next.
It is certainly clear that each party lining up for and against the new owners have valid reasoning, but so does the owner for their actions. Or at least it would appear so from the data they’ve put out thus far. Those positions are subject to the court of public opinion and in at least one case already, the Wifol vs SBROC it was the subject in a court of law.
What we find troublesome at the least is that we see parties diverging from one another yet again and taking hard line stances. We do not believe that benefits anyone. Rather we think the solution for this entire issue lies in dialog between all parties – owner, union, government and timeshare owners.

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