Today’s Editorial: No miracles

POSTED: 05/6/11 2:48 PM

The announcement by the office of the public prosecutor that two murder-suspects will remain behind bars is obviously good news. The downside is of course that two burglary-suspects had to be sent home to make space in Pointe Blanche for them.

Since March 1, 19 prisoners have been sent home. The prosecutor’s office has suggested several solutions to Justice Minister Duncan, but, according to the Chief Prosecutor, no decision has been taken yet.

In the meantime, we have noticed that work on the immigration detention center in Simpson Bay is steadily progressing. This facility may offer part of the solution. The other suggestion, to declare the new police cells fit as a pre-trial detention center, could become effective as soon as the Minister gives the order. That this has not happened yet could be due to legal issues.

The Minister finds himself in a position nobody will envy. The prison situation as it is now is the result of years of neglect by the Antillean government, and one cannot expect miracles now that St. Maarten is on its own.


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