Today’s Editorial: No help

POSTED: 03/16/11 12:38 PM

St. Maarten will learn the hard way what it means to be an autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Given the lukewarm reaction from Dutch parliamentarians, a speedy solution for the lack of prison cell capacity will most certainly not come from The Hague.

Yes, Dutch MPs are concerned, but they have been concerned about St. Maarten’s capability to stand on its own legs all along. Now that the problems are multiplying like rabbits on Valentine’s Day, GreenLeft, CDA and the Labor Party are more or less all saying: I told you so.

No politician in The Hague will call for emergency assistance in the form of military planes transporting part of St. Maarten’s inmates to a temporary new home in an empty Dutch prison. It’s not going to happen, though politicians seem to agree that it is about time to give meaning to article 43 of the Kingdom Charter – the guarantee function.

Does this article oblige the Netherlands to help the other countries in the Kingdom when they are unable to handle their problems? Apparently, the Dutch have no clear and decisive answer to this question. As long as that answer remains up in the air, then prison in Pointe Blanche will maintain a hundred percent occupancy rate, and St. Maarten will be left to solve its own problems.

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