Today’s Editorial: Name calling

POSTED: 05/20/11 12:52 PM

That some members of the Second Chamber play politics and push their luck with statements about St. Maarten and its leadership is obvious. What we believe is also obvious is that sometimes the best response to certain statements is silence.

While the prime minister’s statement is understandable from the emotional side of things, it really accomplishes nothing when looked at rationally. All it does is to give the members of the Second Chamber who descended to the level of mudslinging some sense of credence, because they were able to get a rise out of this country’s leader and government.

One hears often enough in this part of the world that the best way to avoid a bully or someone who is teasing us is to ignore them. They’ll try once, try another time, maybe a third time and eventually when they see we won’t be emotional they will leave us alone and slink back to their little corner.

Having said that we note the grace and eloquence of the response, because it did not descend into the mudslinging. However, it reminded the public here, as the majority of the people in the Netherlands won’t be bothered to read it, that the Parliament of St. Maarten is the one to whom the Government of St. Maarten reports in the vast majority of instances. It also clearly communicates that the Parliament of St. Maarten is the counterpart to the Dutch States General – consisting of the First and Second Chamber. The latter fact is important and we believe that’s good, because the current Chairman of the Committee on Kingdom Relations – Roy Marlin – and several Members of Parliament are pressing to clear up the misconceptions about St. Maarten and show who we truly are. They seek to do this in respectful dialog, not in sullied name calling. Let’s hope they have patience.


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