Today’s Editorial: Missing information

POSTED: 04/14/11 12:06 PM

It was made emphatically clear Wednesday that the visa requirement for Guyanese and Jamaicans went into “immediate enforcement” on Monday. This signals that people who arrived as of that date had to show a visa, but we can already see that all’s not well with the implementation. There are also many unanswered questions.

It is somewhat ludicrous in our assessment that this measure comes into immediate enforcement because of the time line. In his statement the Justice Minister points out the Council of Ministers took its decision two months ago, but fail to point out when the Kingdom Council of Ministers took its decision – as that is the entity that is responsible for Foreign Relations. The Minister also fails to state when embassies were informed and as of when people were first able to apply. These simple things tell us either the communication strategy around this development was poorly executed or there wasn’t one.

We believe that yet again that this little nation will be plunged into a flurry of controversy, because the procedure was not followed and the government did not communicate well. It is unfortunate that this follows so shortly after the fiasco of an announcement that from one day to the next French nationals were required to show their passport when arriving at the Princess Juliana International Airport. It is time for a clear spelling explanation of what has been done to ensure that there could be “immediate enforcement” of this new regulation in order to restore a sense of calm in the travelling public. There must also be disclosure on what happens to people who had bought tickets before the measure took effect.


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