Today’s editorial: Milestone

POSTED: 05/5/11 12:27 PM

Former Lt. Governor Dennis Richardson will be sworn in as St. Maarten’s member of the Kingdom Council of State on Monday. That is a milestone in the history of our young country, because never before did the island have a representative in a position that close to the Dutch center of power.

Richardson has paid his dues to get where he is now – first as Lt. Governor, and then as one of the driving forces behind the constitutional reform process. He is, and remains, one of the most important advisors to the local government.

His future seemed briefly in jeopardy last year when he became the victim of a freak car accident at his home. Fortunately for Richardson, and also fortunately for St. Maarten, he recovered from that mishap.

As a member of the Council of State, Richardson will live in the Netherlands, but he will be back on the island on a regular basis – not as a vacationer, but as an extraordinary member of St. Maarten’s Council of Advice.

We wish Mr. Richardson success in his new function.


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