Today’s Editorial: Let’s Celebrate!

POSTED: 02/24/11 12:29 PM

The Workers Institute for Organized Labor (Wifol)  and the representatives of Simpson Bay Resort Owner Company have begun “exchanging views” again. Let’s celebrate!

Yes, we think a celebration is in place because of the resumption of talks. The reason for that is parties seemed to be heading down a course where it was going to be court battle after court battle and a resort that remains closed and being plunged further into debt. The fact that parties have at least been bandying ideas back and forth, albeit through a third party, shows that the relationship is warming up from the frigid place because of the summary proceedings and eventual closure.

Today’s celebration though should be a build up to a big fete that sees parties, sit at the table and make a compromise in the interest of as many of the players as possible, because it is strikingly clear that there is a new reality at what used to be Pelican Resort Club and Marina.

We choose not to dictate to the parties how quickly you should move, because you show for yourself that you recognize that time is of the essence, especially when the losses are counted for everyday the resort stays closed. Our one greatest urging is the one we’ve had all along: Get in there, talk it out and move forward together. When you’re finished talking, we’ll all celebrate that the largest timeshare resort on the island is place of victory through compromise for all its stakeholders.

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