Today’s Editorial: Leading by Example

POSTED: 05/24/11 1:19 PM

One expects the ministers in any country to lead by example and we believe Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport did that Saturday, by successfully defending a thesis that covers an important cultural topic. The minister’s example is twofold and proves her versatility yet again.

On the one hand she has led the nation’s young to the top of the educational train by scoring a doctorate. Mind you not all fields have doctorates attached, but the fact that Arrindell kept climbing until she reached that pinnacle her life is worthy of respect. It signals to the nation’s young and young at heart that one can and should continue learning even when life and career seem to dictate otherwise. In this personal case, two children, work at a university, a publishing house and as a trade unionist, and spare time dedicated to teaching youngsters volleyball were not impediments. They were part of a well rounded character that has led to a great height.

On another hand Arrindell pays homage to her country’s culture, by delving into its mother tongue – a specific Creole language that many speak and a core group believes needs more acknowledgements. This attitude is one to be monitored and emulated, because the minister does not just speak about that recognition, she provides a detailed review and road map on the subject.

That, we believe, is truly walking the talk and leading by example on endorsing and promoting St. Maarten’s culture.


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