Today’s Editorial: It’s time to talk

POSTED: 05/25/11 1:24 PM

The key to any good partnership is communication but this seems to be a problem around the island’s main economic drivers. We make the remark because of the approach of late where it comes to the Tourism Authority does not signal that talks have been ongoing between the government and its partners on this specific matter.
The fact that the set up of the legal framework for Tourism Authority has hit a bottleneck is understandable. What is not understandable is that rather than thrash it with the partners to find a solution, the choice is made to go it alone. That latter move was not wise for the simple reason that the government would force their part to accept a unilateral decision. Recent behavior notwithstanding the private sector would be well within its rights to protest that sort of forced arrangement.
The best thing to do is to change track and quickly meet the partners to discuss what models can and will work best, within the wider legal framework. That sort of collusion will help the eventual marriage to work better, because parties will be going in with a joint agreement on exactly what is expected and how things will go.
It is our belief that the industry is crying out for structured discussion with the government and the reply must be a resounding yes. It is clear the government already understands the need to collaborate, and like all things here in St. Maarten, they simply need to improve it.
In essence: It’s time to talk.

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