Today’s Editorial: Getting there

POSTED: 05/12/11 1:04 PM

The feeling that the Friendly Country is getting there slowly but surely continues to grow with each success that is marked. This past Tuesday alone there were two major milestones. One is the first meeting of the Socio-Economic Council and the other is the swearing in of the first permanent Secretary General of Parliament.

What is interesting about the SER is that the elected Chair and Vice Chair – Rene Richardson and Dwight Williams – are a mix of a seasoned former public official and a young professional. That mix we believe will create a good balance in a council that is responsible for making sure that government keeps the generation that has served, the generation that is serving and the generation that will serve later are represented and reap the benefits of government’s plans.

What is ideal about the appointment of the Secretary General is that MPs can now start to feel that they’ll have a consistent presence and won’t soon be confronted with having to search for a new Secretary General. This also clears the way for more staff to be hired that will help to make parliament function better.

To some the pace might be slow, but clearly everyone must embrace that progress is being made here and that step by step and block by block, this little country is ensuring that its fledgling democracy can, does and will work. The important thing now is to keep the momentum going so that as the successes roll in, the people continue to see that we are getting there.


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