Today’s Editorial: GB-3 for Parliamentarians

POSTED: 03/29/11 3:09 AM

St. Maarten’s Parliament is pressing on with meeting groups and individuals without emerging with much to show for it. This week’s calendar of meetings highlights just that as we see a meeting scheduled for today with the Pensioners Association and one set for Wednesday that deals with the Get off the Block, Get on the Bus, Get Busy Project (GB-3).

In the case of the pensioners, we do not deny that many of them have needs and we agree with the principle of the treaty they are coming to discuss, but really what is to be had from a meeting between them and Parliament at this stage beyond the expected expressions of support from MPs? One thing the seniors should expect is some help up the stairs to the General Assemble Chamber. Because really that is all the attending MPs will be able to offer today. Your goal and purpose may have been better served by disseminating the treaty to the MPs and writing them a letter urging them to support your quest for government to fulfill its commitments.

The reasoning behind the GB-3 discussion, also in a public Central Committee also escapes us, for the simple reason that the Minister and others gave an extensive briefing at the launch of the project on Friday, February 26, which only one MP attended – Sylvia Meyers-Olivaccee. Again a simple letter requesting information would have sufficed to help MPs get the information they want.

With nearly six months under their belt, this Parliament has handled one amendment and one law. We think that it is time for them to get off the block of excuses, get on the bus of helping to chart this island’s destiny and get busy with some law making and amending.

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