Today’s Editorial: Doing it together

POSTED: 06/7/11 2:25 PM

Members of Parliament have opened discussion on a new, concept budget for 2011, half way through the year. There is no need to rehash all that happened to lead to this point, but we hope that one thing is clear: This must not happen again.
We take that position because halfway through the year, half the things the government wished to do, remain undone. That means a civil service, under immense pressure, now has to play catch up. That game of catch up also has to happen, while preparations are made for next year.
What is encouraging is that near the end of his presentation in Parliament the Minister of Finance said all agencies, including Parliament, have been urged to submit the first draft of their budget by July 1. Immediately thereafter, the bargaining process that leads to the final budget begins as each entity defends why what it plans to do, carries enough importance that it should be completed in a particular period.
We believe that it will be necessary, in the six months government has to implement the policy in this budget, for especially the ministries to adopt a multi-sectoral approach and to integrate key policy points into each ministry’s budget and work plan. That sort of approach allows resources to be efficiently used and for timely delivery of the services that the people require and leads to policy that is well crafted.

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