Today’s Editorial: Police Officers Disciplined

POSTED: 03/18/11 2:04 PM

The police brutality story involving Talking Drums Foundation president Cimmaron Marlin has come to a positive ending.

That may sound a little strange, given the fact that the officers involved in the case have been disciplined, but for young officers on the force the case will serve as a useful learning experience.

Marlin is happy with the outcome. He has been made to understand that the way he was arrested is more or less standard procedure. But he also learned that officers have to follow procedures and that they are not permitted to violate a detainee’s rights.

Kudos to the police force for the way it handled this matter. Chief Commissioner Peter de Witte and Commissioner Carl John’s frank and open approach have earned them respect. This attitude adds to the credibility of the police force.

At the same time, everybody has learned something from this incident. That does not necessarily put the disciplined officers in a bad light. On the contrary, as a result, they will become better policemen.

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