Today’s Editorial: Diplomacy is key

POSTED: 03/24/11 12:45 PM

Three months into the year the government continues to work with the Board of financial supervision (Cft) to come to a positive advice on the Budget 2011 and the options that were once presented seemed to be evaporating by the day. The latest one to go up in smoke is requesting money from the 78 million guilders left from the debt relief either directly or as a means to replenish the reserves after taking the money from there.

All hope is not lost, but things are starting to look dim and the island’s fate to some extent lays right back where it received little consideration in the past, in Willemstad. The prime minister says the finance minister is “working hard” to ensure a 20 million guilder advance on the island’s share of the assets of the Netherlands Antilles can be had and that the Cft will allow for the island to draw on its reserves.

She expects an announcement on both fronts any day now. We are not convinced however that things will be positive, because there is a presence in the ruling coalition in Curacao – Helmin Wiels – that does not have the highest opinion of St. Maarten. It is also left to be seen if the Cft will change its position and look favorably on using the reserves.

What is necessary now is pointed diplomacy that will allow the island to ensure that these “options” became “firm agreements” that no one can question. That will finally allow the island to move forward with implementation, instead of continued discussion on what’s correct and not correct.


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