Today’s Editorial: Cutting ties with Curacao asap

POSTED: 07/24/11 1:30 PM

The Dutch have a saying: Afspraak is afspraak (An agreement is an agreement) and that is being put severely to the test in Curacao where one coalition partner has been pushing the buttons of not just the opposition, but also of the parties that he shares government with – in direct violation of an agreement that was made to jointly govern.

Undoubtedly each political leader will have their style and desire the best for their country, but the Wild West, gun slinging, skeleton in every closet cynicism by one party that has pushed the current coalition to the brink is just plain unwise.

The repercussions of the coalition having a fight in Curacao is that governance there is a bit halted because politicians now have to give themselves over to weighing their options and seeing if continuing in this constellation is worth it. Should they say yes time must be spent in rebuilding the consensus that is needed to hold the government together. On the flipside if the choice is made to abandon the current coalition negotiations have to go on how in terms of how to set up the new government and who will be the parties involved.

While this happens St. Maarten is left to wait again while Curacao goes through yet another divisive fight not between government and opposition, but between parties supporting a government. This makes the point made by Vice Prime Minister Thedore Heyliger earlier this week spot on and that haste must be made in extricating St. Maarten from many of the ties it has with Curacao as soon as possible.

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Today's Editorial: Cutting ties with Curacao asap by

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