Today’s Editorial: Cuba

POSTED: 05/10/11 12:42 PM

St. Maarten has long been concerned about the possible negative effect on its tourism industry in case the United States would lift travel bans to Havana.

Now the Castro government has announced that it wants to offer its citizens the opportunity to travel abroad.

Currently Cubans have to apply for foreign travel and the fees for such a request are in the neighborhood of $430, and the government has the option to deny requests.

Human smugglers have found an attractive market there by getting Cubans to come out to places like St. Lucia from where they send them on their way to the United States – for a hefty fee.

Now there seems to be more travel freedom on the horizon for Cubans and the question is what they will do with it – take a vacation or come to islands with a better economy like St. Maarten to start a new life?


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