Today’s Editorial: Celebrating our hero(es)

POSTED: 03/30/11 1:05 PM

The friendly country does not have a process to officially name National Heroes. With recent events in mind we firmly believe it is time to seriously consider instituting such an honor.

National Heroes are typically people who have done things of an epoching nature that will resonate long after they have died. The work that these heroes do is very often inspirational and exemplary, calling a nation to walk in their footsteps.

With that in mind we have no doubt that Edgar Lynch belongs on a list of National Heroes. His years of service to this nation in any one of at least three ways gives us sufficient reasoning for him to be heralded and immortalized.

In education he spent time as a Board member of the Methodist Agogic Center, which gave English speaking children a fair chance at a primary education on an island where that was not the official language. This opened the so many doors of opportunity and gave so many young people a future.

In terms of his life as a Commissioner, who can forget, that the idea for Safe Haven came from his mind? That vision lives today and seeks to do more in this community, not just for battered women but also battered and abusive men.

And then there’s the author and political wise man, who shared the assembled knowledge of this nation’s political history with the residents and the world. And also every four years, we could hunker around our radios and televisions to listen to Election Night Coverage.

Edgar Lynch is our example today, but there are so many more. People like Sam Hazel, Claude Wathey, Lionel Bernard Scot, Charles Vlaun. As a new country, working on forming a nation, let’s celebrate and honor the heroes. They may not have asked for it, but the definitely deserve it.


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