Today’s Editorial: Budget Tsunami

POSTED: 03/14/11 11:44 AM

While Japan reels in the wake of its greatest disaster in 66 years, St. Maarten is reaching out, but reaching out from under a tsunami of its own. The big tidal wave drawing eyes to Philipsburg and causing people here to brace themselves is a man made procedure called the budget cycle.
Yes at the moment our nation is buried under the swells of statements on an almost weekly basis now about the budget, whether it is balanced, what is required to balance it, how much it really should be and what is collectible. Next to that those who purchase goods and services from government wonder, will the fees go up, by how much and can I afford it?
What is good is that the government seems to found a voice that communicates clearly that we’re buried and we need to find a way out. It is also heartening that the government is seeking a multitude of avenues to get the flood waters of debt away from our shores as more and more surprises creep up, more stress is placed to meet targets and deadlines and incidental costs appear.
We urge the government to continue being pro-active and every faction in Parliament to think along as co-legislators about how concretely the right budget can be created. The politics of the past must truly be just that and now more than ever, all parties – including the businesses and the people – must put their heads together, find the solutions and make this country one where our budget is approved on time and we can spend our year on monitoring its implementation, not arguing over whether it is correct or not.

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