Today’s Editorial: Break out the Bicycles

POSTED: 04/1/11 12:56 PM

The price of fuel is being adjusted for the fourth time this year. This is the third time gasoline will go up and the fourth time that diesel will go up. The major factors at play here are the fact that Libya, the country with the largest oil reserves, is going through unrest and the fact that Japan was devastated recently by an earthquake and tsunami, driving up the demand.

It is clear that the hike in fuel costs will hit us all in our pockets whether through paying for gas at the pumps or through the fuel clause applied to our utility bills. Those who travel frequently will likely see the increase in the fuel surcharges added to their airline tickets.

But in even in this gloom, we see a way out. That way out is not only cheaper in the long run, it can improve our health and bring down our nation’s carbon footprint – the count of Carbon Monoxide we put by burning fossil fuels. That is simply to break out the bicycles.

We realize that our friendly does not have a cycling culture, outside of enjoying cycle races. But with the costs of driving going up we believe now may be the time for more of us to leave the cars at home and break out the bikes, unless, of course, it is absolutely necessary to drive.


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