Today’s Editorial: Bittersweet Farewells

POSTED: 03/27/11 8:28 PM

It may be a sign that life is random or that we must accept the good and the bad but today a nation must pause and find words to say farewell for two different reasons.

On one hand Dennis Richardson, someone synonymous with moving the nation forward in terms of its constitutional status, is preparing for his next evolution as member of the highest advisory body in the Kingdom – The Council of State. This local Mr. Fix It, who was Lt. Governor during a period where the island dealt with hurricane after hurricane, who led Telem at one point, who pressed forward continuously as the nation continued to seek the status of Country within the Kingdom and who is leading the Social and Sickness Insurance Agency (SZV), is surely seasoned enough to take on this role, that will require him to focus on ensuring that all parties in the Kingdom get fair treatment when laws, resolutions and treaties are entered into. Taking the new role though means he must leave our shores, and so we wish him well, and many warm memories.

       At the same time, the joy of his success if offset by the sense of sadness we feel at the death of Community Pastor Eulalie Meyers. While Richardson helped to build a country, Meyers sought to build a nation through empowering young women in the Girl’s Brigade to be their best. She also shared her wisdom outside that venue with anyone she met and touched many, simply by offering loving words and smile that lit rooms and open air spaces. Her death leaves a vacuum, not just for her family, but for a nation that saw her as a pioneering woman who loved her God and the people he created. Her departure to take her rest is bittersweet, leaving us to miss her.

Parting is ever such sweet sorrow, but the knowledge of a potential future meeting – on this plain or another – offers comfort.

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