Today’s Editorial: An example to follow

POSTED: 05/18/11 12:21 PM

The fact churches in the Netherlands have come out against homophobia is something that should miss no one’s attention. This news is significant and helps to show the complete difference in attitude between The Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean.
While churches in the Netherlands are quick to point out they’re not quite cuddling up to homosexuality, they do believe that violence against people who love some one of the same sex is wrong. Churches here have proven more homophobic, calling for things like dress and behavior codes. One might argue that such a code is not a violent act, but we disagree. While no one is attacked physically by such a call, it violently conflicts with people’s human to live their own lives.
It is our opinion that church leadership should buy valium in uk online take a page from the book of their Dutch counterparts. After all the churches that signed on to the anti-violence state believe in the Bible and the teachings. Would it be so wrong then that churches here, who also espouse believing in the loving God of the Bible, would also make a statement decrying violence against same gender loving people?
Let it be clear that each life precious and that those who campaign for a reduction in violence and discriminatory ideas are part of a wider call. Homosexuals, women, children are all on this path and some humans even take up the cause of animals who suffer violence. It is up to all of us, to continue the effort, until such time that it does get better.

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Today's Editorial: An example to follow by

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