Today’s Editorial: A scandal and an illegality

POSTED: 03/13/11 8:58 PM

That government controllers closed down Yan Yang Supermarket in Sucker Garden for carrying expired products is big news on its own. What makes it more of a concern is the conditions under which several of the employees were living.
The photos we publish today speak for themselves and need no expounding. They draw us to question why people would on one hand choose to live this way and on the other hand why others would allow them too. Because in this instance, there is an opportunity to create better living conditions.
The photos also tug a bit at our heart strings, because it shows the sacrifices some people will make to ensure that they can save every possible dollar or to send as much money as possible back to their home land to assist with expenses for family members etc. That desire to help family though, is not in our opinion, enough reason to have people live in these conditions, either by their own choice or forcibly.
What we see in those pictures is nothing short of a scandal and is illegal when we look at the Policy on the Employment of Foreign Labor which requires that each person have a specified amount of living space. The authorities have taken the first step in closing the supermarket. Now we must move further to improve the conditions there and else where.

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Today's Editorial: A scandal and an illegality by

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