Today’s Editorial: A first initiative

POSTED: 05/22/11 4:47 PM

The National Alliance faction plans to submit draft legislation to the President of Parliament on Monday that it hopes will curb the abuse of short term labor contracts. The main intention of the bill is that companies that operate a permanent operation are not allowed to offer short term employment contracts.

The draft law is no doubt historic if only because it is the first initiative law that will be submitted and because it proves that the Members of Parliament are at work on a key part of their core task of making laws. However there are some flaws that we note that should be considered as the debate goes forward and could have contributed to speeding up the process.

The first is that the draft legislation lacks specifics in terms of what businesses it covers. The National Alliance leader believes says that such a schedule could be declared by National Decree from the government, but because he’s already ruled out construction companies, and said supermarkets are covered by the draft law we see no issue why a list of business types could not have been attached as a starting point.

Secondly there has been no consultation with businesses. This, we believe, would have helped to craft the list referenced above and would have given the faction deeper understanding of the particulars of subsectors of the economy.

Thirdly there is no fine for transgressing the law. Some ask already what is the point of making something illegal or punishable, without setting a punishment?

What we hope comes next is a rousing debate with well researched positions that will lead to a final product that truly accomplishes the mission of curtailing present abuse.

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