Today’s Editorial: A clean break

POSTED: 06/3/11 7:03 PM

The matter of the future of the partnership between Curacao and St. Maarten on a currency and a Central Bank are now squarely on the table for discussion. We can thank the row between Central Bank Director Emsley Tromp and the Schotte-cabinet for that. That row has opened a broader discussion on the Central Bank’s actual functioning and revealed that it’s too late to produce the new currency and that the branch of the bank here still hasn’t been getting the attention it needs.
At the same time the feeling of ill will towards St. Maarten has grown in Willemstad, and the island’s image is blackened by members of government and the coalition partners. Maturity may dictate that they should be ignored and the current rhetoric, which is obviously for local consumption, should be ignored and St. Maarten should continue to work at keeping the partnership.
However we ask: “How long should our country be ignored and abused by our supposed partner before we say enough?” Because what is not being said in Willemstad is that the divisive politics that has continuously existed there, is the true source of the problem. Instead a deflection strategy is used and to a certain extent there’s a hint that this government would prefer to break up the relationship. We say let’s shake hands, kiss cheeks and grant them their wish.

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