Today’s Editorial: A changing tone

POSTED: 04/5/11 12:02 PM

The tone of the relationship between The Hague and Philipsburg seems to be changing. Comments made this weekend and on Monday on the cordial, open way that Dutch Ministers Piet Hein Donner and Gerd Leers and representatives in government and parliament had discussions are encouraging and lead on to believe that direct contact is going to yield more benefits and more understanding.

One need remember that St. Maarten’s position was very often conveyed by the government of the Netherlands Antilles and try as they might, the possibility for someone who does not live here and does not experience what goes on here, makes it difficult for them to carry our nation’s message. But we get the now we get the chance to carry the message ourselves, and while we must build in our direct home, reaching out to the neighbor up the street – the Netherlands – is a way for us to contribute to building the neighborhood that is the kingdom of the Netherlands.

Reaching out to the neighbor up the street is also important because they’ve been around a lot longer and know more about how to deal with the various agencies that affect our collective way of life. There are opportunities to be had here and our officials recognize that. As a nation, so should be.

One understands that St. Maarten has a close affiliation with the United States, but the way we see it, beginning to embrace our European connection more, will offer the opportunity to give content to the melting pot existence that we live each day.


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