Today’s Editorial: A boost up to the board room

POSTED: 04/12/11 12:15 PM

The graduating class of the Sundial School is taking its destiny into its hand by deciding to do create a year book. The project symbolizes the needed spirit to take initiative and the creativity that lies within the next generation. We commend them for this.

In turn we ask the business community to give their initiative a favorable eye. We do this because we have made a commitment to supporting the young people in this country in a real way and we urge that you do the same. After all, supporting this initiative will show them and their peer group that this community respects and rewards hard work and diligence. Not giving them support is letting them down.

Realistically some businesses will have to say no, because of the tight belts we’re all wearing in this tumultuous economy, but really, it should not be too hard to look at the benefits beyond this school year, especially since this memento is meant to be kept long into the future and showed off to several generations, which could generate future revenue.

To us an investment in this project makes good business sense. It also helps to keep our students believing in the core value of the nation: Support for each other in the accomplishment of our dreams. Let’s give the students a boost, and help them to the boardroom.


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