Today and UTS Chippie Poll: Name the Causeway

POSTED: 01/23/14 1:24 PM

St. Maarten – Starting today, Chippie users will receive an SMS from local telecommunication company UTS to vote in a poll choosing a name for the Simpson Bay Causeway. The poll is a collaborative effort between Today and UTS. The communications provider is facilitating the survey while the initiative for the poll came from Today.

This newspaper came up with 4 potential names that people can choose from in the poll. In addition, we want to give respondents the freedom to choose their own name for the bridge if they desire. The options are:

1. King Willem-Alexander Bridge

2. Queen Maxima Bridge

3. Suzette Halley Bridge

4. Integrity Bridge

5. None of the above.  Customers can come up with their own suggestion.

UTS has opened short code 2337 for this poll that will cost $1, and will send out an SMS broadcast to all of its Dutch side customers today containing the following text:

SMS to 2337 and vote in Today newspaper poll to name the causeway: A-WILLEM ALEXANDER B-MAXIMA C-SUZETTE HALLEY D-INTEGRITY or send YOUR suggestion. $1 p msg

The Causeway will be officially inaugurated this coming Saturday. The voting period for the survey will be from today until Sunday. Today will have preliminary results of the survey in its Monday edition with a breakdown of the data.

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