Tigers win high scoring game

POSTED: 09/20/12 12:35 PM

GREAT BAY – The Tigers baseball sent a clear message when they defeated the Blue Jays by 19 runs to 5 in the 2012 Double A competition which is only in its second week, but no home runs were scored in that game.

Giovanni Gibs emerged as the winning pitcher in that game and the best batter was Ignacio Eusebuis, with 2-3. The Tigers had 9 hits, committed 4 errors with 3 strike outs, 9 base on bats and 8 left on base.

The losing pitcher for the Blue Jays was Jonathon Ministre  and they had 2 hits, committed 15 errors, had 4 strike outs, 5 base on bats and 4 left on base. In another exciting game, the Stars defeated the Diamond Backs by 12 runs to 5.

Carlos Woods was the winning pitcher and the best batters were Randall Williams with 4-4 and Dudely Leonora with 3- 4. The losing pitcher was Braimy Gonzalez and the best batter for the losers was also Gonzales with 2-2.

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