Three years for supermarket robbery

POSTED: 11/15/12 12:53 PM

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance sentenced Leonardo Rijo-Cedeno yesterday to 36 months imprisonment for an armed robbery on April 25 on the Ho Supermarket. The 23-year-old was also sentenced for firearm possession. Of the sentence 6 months are suspended. The court imposed 3 years of probation. At the trial on October 25, prosecutor Dounia Benammar demanded 3 years imprisonment.

Together with others, Rijo-Cedeno took $350 from the supermarket during the robbery. He threatened the owners of the store with a firearm. Among them was J. Ho, aged 13, whose mother W.X. Hui was behind the counter when the robber came in. The defendant forced a customer to lie down on the ground, pointed a gun to his head and told him not to move.

A witness saw Rijo-Cedeno, known under his nickname Burger, run through her garden with other participants in the robbery. The witness description of the defendant corresponded with that given by the victims.

The witness said that Rijo-Cedeno carried a black bag from the UP-party, that he carried a gun and that he told him that they had “just touched up the supermarket.” The defendant was also changing his clothes in the yard.

The court dismissed the defendant’s statement that he had handled the gun a couple of months before the robbery when somebody offered it for sale. A DNA-test linked Rijo-Cedeno to the weapon.

Judge Tamara Tijhuis became convinced that the defendant was involved in the robbery due to his inconsistent statements about his whereabouts at the time the crime was committed.

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