Three under arrest for gun possession

POSTED: 09/24/14 11:33 PM

St. Maarten – Police arrested three teenagers on the causeway bridge for gun possession yesterday afternoon. The arrest followed after a report by security at Le Gourmet Marché in Porto Cupecoy.

Yesterday morning around 11.30 a.m. security at Le Gourmet Marché alerted the central police dispatch about the presence of three young men who had driven onto the property and were behaving suspiciously. The three stepped out of their car, walked into the supermarket and looked around “quite suspiciously,” according to the police report.

When the men left and security attempted to stop them, the driver ignored the request and drove away in the direction of Simpson Bay. Because the supermarket had been the target of an armed robbery two days earlier, security informed the police.

A patrol spotted the car on the causeway bridge and managed to stop it with the assistance of a second patrol. During a search of the car, officers found a pistol and “other items that can be used to commit armed robberies” in a black backpack on the car’s backseat.

The three youngsters were arrested. The police report identified them as L.J.E. (18), M.A.E. (17) and M.V. (18).

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Three under arrest for gun possession by

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