Three months for fight with girlfriend and brother

POSTED: 03/29/12 2:31 PM

St. Maarten – Thirty six year old Rafael Wilson Henry was sentenced to three months in prison Wednesday for a fight he had on December 17 with his then girlfriend and her brother. The public prosecutor had demanded eight months imprisonment.

The fight took place at Oasis Bar and Restaurant on A. Th. Illidge Road and involved threats with a plastic fork. By the end of it the girlfriend had also reportedly smashed Henry’s windshield.

Defense Attorney Geert Haartzman contended that the court could not really convict his client of ill-treating the woman because all he did was push her away at one moment.

“It is not evident that my client ill treated his accuser,” the attorney said.

Henry also pleaded for leniency considering that he had lost his job while he was in pre-trial detention, that he went to the police station to find out about the charges and that he had fully cooperated with the police during the investigation.

Though she deviated from the demand Judge Monique Keppels considered it proven that Henry had mistreated his former girlfriend. This is based on a statement by the woman’s brother that corroborates the woman’s accusation that the accused had hit her. Keppels also took into account that Henry had been given a 16 month conditional sentence in February and that he’d been sentenced to a four year prison term, with one year conditional, in 2006. Both those convictions are also related to violent acts.

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