Thompson decries government’s systemic environmental abuse

POSTED: 01/6/12 4:57 PM

Uncontrolled algae growth causes foul stench

St. Maarten – Vice President of the St. Maarten Pride Foundation Reuben Thompson says that the “thick green slimy water” snaking its way to the Fresh Pond from the Great Salt Pond is nature finally taking its course after years of neglect. The water, which has pooled up near the A. Th. Illidge Road section of the Great Salt Pond and has a foul smell, is uncontrolled algae build-up.

Staffers of the Public Works Department have been busy trying to pump the polluted water into a septic truck near the flood gate on A.T Illidge Road since Tuesday. One of the project directors said, “We don’t know what it is or where it came from and we are very concerned” when asked about the foul smelling water. It was Thompson who made the revelation about the source of the problem when he was contacted about the issue.
“It’s simply a matter of ecology. The government needs to understand that terrestrial run-off from the Sanitary Landfill into the Great Salt Pond and the absence of an effective solid waste management plan for St. Maarten will have consequences,” he said.
Environmental protection
Thompson also slammed the UP/DP administration’s wider environmental record, pointing out that over a year after taking office and months after presenting its governing program – A Foundation of Hope for our Country – there has been no progress on environmental issues. Two examples of the inaction is the fact that the imminent clean up of the Great Salt Pond and giving breath to vital water areas that the administration speaks of in its governing program have not taken place. The latter criticism comes despite the placement or aeration systems in the Fresh Pond.
“We do not take these statements seriously. It is time for action to preserve the natural heritage of the island,” Thompson said.
Environmental organizations have been calling for a cleanup of the Great Salt pond, an end to polluting it and the implementation of zoning laws that focus on preserving the historic waterway, which is home to several species of birds and fishes and forms an integral part of St. Maarten’s ecological system.
“In 2009 when then Commissioner Theo Heyliger held the responsibility for environmental affairs, he boldly stated that the salt pond had reached its capacity, but today its still being polluted…nothing has changed,” Thompson remarked.

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