Theo Heyliger’s Opinion: Central Bank is vital

POSTED: 02/25/14 10:49 PM

Considering the remarkable content of MP Laveist’s letter (Smelling a rat) we invited UP-leader Theo Heyliger to comment on it. This is his statement:

“The only reason Louie is making his mouth big is not for the RBC workers but it is for the fact that RBC cooperated with the investigation on him and his foundation.

You can verify and substantiate that in the court documents in addition to the bank asking him to pay down on his overdraft facility.

He held the bank management hostage by not signing their work permits when he was commissioner.

The guy is only for himself; this has nothing to do with the workers. It is his vendetta against the bank itself.

As for the Central Bank you know my stand. I have remained steadfast on that position. For more than 20 years the CBCS has maintained its management group, at that time St. Maarten had little say. Today we finally have board members and at least the management team helps St. Maarten. We finally get some attention and now we are to give this up for  another management team from Curacao. I know what we have now and I don’t know what we are going to get. The CBCS is vital to our economy.”

Theo Heyliger



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