Theo Heyliger confirms he is the next prime minister of St. Maarten

POSTED: 10/8/14 1:27 PM

St. Maarten – United People’s party leader Theo Heyliger confirmed in the Oral Gibbes Live TV-program on Monday that he will be the country’s next Prime Minister. While others on the UP-list may also take up a post in the new cabinet, Heyliger’s move makes it certain that the controversial candidate Maria Buncamper-Molanus will become a Member of Parliament.

If, as is to be expected, Franklin Meyers becomes the new minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs, Jules James will return to parliament for a second 4-year term.

“I made a promise to the population of St. Maarten during the campaign, The population have a notion have a notion that if they vote for you they want to see you in a certain position. I received 1945 votes, one third of the party (UP) vote; I have to keep that promise. So yes I will be the new PM of St. Maarten,” Heyliger said.

He went on to say as PM he will foster better relationships within the Caribbean, with the sister islands of Saba and Statia as well as Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao. Despite harsh comments about him from Dutch MP’s like Ronald van Raak, Heyliger also foresees a trip to the Netherlands in the near future.

Heyliger emphasized that he will not be a PM just for the party he represents or just for the people who voted for him and his party. “Whether you supported the UP or not, as PM I will represent all St. Maarteners and have the best interest of all of our people in mind at all times. The campaign is over. Once we are sworn in, it’s time to work for our people, all of our people.”

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Theo Heyliger confirms he is the next prime minister of St. Maarten by

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  1. Bigy Truth says:

    Theo Heyliger can’t be any better his grandfather Claude wathey was the biggest thief on the island.He and the Buncamper, the Connor’s, the velasquez the Labaga’s they falsified the papers from the poor old black people and stolen their properties his grandfather was in government he did all those things when he was in power.
    the poor people never sold their land, now hotels being build on them and guess what those group of thieves have shares in them all. The more they get the more they want they never satisfied. The democratic party was founded by his grand father,thats why theres so many crime on the island, that group have everything and the rest got nothing.Sara Wescot Williams is the same they all does get together in private places, Ronald Plasterk need to investigate all these things and make them give back the properties to the rightful owners
    other wise it will never be peace on the beautiful island.