The St. Kitts people have spoken: Denzil Douglas out after 20 years

POSTED: 02/23/15 1:09 AM

BASSETERRE, ST Kitts—The winds of change have come to the people of the twin island state of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. In the hard fought election watched by people from around the region, the Virgin Islands and the International community, especially Canada and the United States, Team Unity, which is a coalition of three Opposition parties, swept to power in general elections held for the Federal Parliament on February 16, 2015.

Dr. The Honourable Timothy S. Harris is the new Prime Minister of the twin island state. Last effort by Dr Douglas to interrupt the election

Dr.  Harris replaces the controversial longest serving Prime Minister in the region Dr. Denzil L. Douglas who was Prime Minister for 20 years- 1995-2015. As the election results continued to pour in yesterday, there were widespread cheering and jubilation in the streets in the areas where Team Unity picked up seats. Outgoing Prime Minister Douglas was not going down without a fight, as the results came in showing some major defeats for his St Kitts/Nevis Labour Party, according to news reports on the ground, he ordered the Elections Supervisor to stop the count and not release any more results. This is even after many of his Labour candidates had already conceded defeat.

The government headquarters in Basseterre, the St Kitts capital city, was blocked off and there was rising tension in St Kitts; however, Nevis appears to be more peaceful, according to media reports.

Hons Fraser & Harris

Virgin Islands Party Chairman Julian Fraser RA, (R3) held a meeting with Dr. Harris when he visited the Virgin Islands last month on private business.  The three party coalition headed by Team Unity Leader Harris includes the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) of Nevis, The People Labour Party (PLP) and the People’s Action Movement (PAM).

Winners & losers 2015

There is an 11 seat Federal Parliament in the Westminster system form of Government that is used in St. Kitts and Nevis and the majority is needed to form the government.

Here are the unofficial results;

Constituency 1      Ian Liburd (PAM)-Winner  Asim Martin (SKN Labour Party)

Constituency 2     Jonel Powell (PAM) Marcella Liburd (SKN Labour Party)-Winner

Constituency 3    Sam Condor ( PLP)  Konris Maynard (SKN Labour Party)-Undecided

Constituency 4    Lindsay Grant (PAM)-Winner Glen Phillip (SKN Labour Party)

Constituency 5   Shawn Richards (PAM)-Winner  Norgen Wilson (SKN Labour Party)

Constituency 6   Vernon Connor (PAM)  Denzil Douglas (SKN Labour Party)-Winner

Constituency 7   Timothy Harris (PLP)-Winner Vance Gilbert (SKN Labour Party)

Constituency 8   Eugene Hamilton (PAM)-Winner Terrence Drew (SKN Labour Party)

Constituency 9   Mark Brantley (CCM)-Winner   Roberto Hector (NRP)

Constituency10  Vance Amory (CCM)-Winner  Cory Tyson (NRP)

Constituency11    Alexis Jeffers (CCM)   Patrice Nisbett (NRP)-Winner


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