“The guy is a con artist”: Wathey II dismisses claims made by Ramcharan

POSTED: 02/5/15 7:36 PM

St. Maarten – Norman Chester Wathey II has dismissed claims announced by Rotterdam-based Mahinderkoemar Ramcharan. The latter claimed in an email he sent last week to this newspaper’s website that Wathey still owes him €50,000 plus 20 percent of the settlement he received from the estate of his biological father.

Wathey provided a copy of a court report dated November 30, 2010, that contains the agreement parties reached. In the document, Wathey acknowledges that he owes €50,000 to Ramcharan. After January 4, 2016, the debt carries an interest charge of 4 percent.

Ramcharan can claim the money within a fortnight after Wathey has his share, or a part of it, in his biological father’s estate at his disposal. Wathey gave Ramcharan an irrevocable power of attorney to cash in the money.

The agreement does indeed say nothing about Ramcharan’s right to a 20 percent share of the part of the estate Wathey received.

Wathey confirmed to this newspaper that there has been a settlement about the estate, but that he prefers not to divulge its contents.

“The communication between Ramcharan and myself is so bad that he doesn’t dare contact me and I am not going to contact him either,” Wathey said. “I do not know where he is and he has not approached me for the payment of €50,000 euros. Slandering my name in the press is not going to help either.”

Wathey added that Ramcharan never represented him in court. “He is not a lawyer as he initially professed. The guy is a first class con artist.”

Court ruling dated July 9, 2010, to support his opinion that Ramcharan is not entitled to the 20 percent and that the 50,000-claim only will begin to accrue interest starting January 1, 2016.

The court ruling deals with – on the one hand – Wathey’s demand that Ramcharan hands over all documents he has in his possession related to his case and – on the other hand – Ramcharan’s financial claim.

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“The guy is a con artist”: Wathey II dismisses claims made by Ramcharan by

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