Terry Peterson resigns from National Alliance

POSTED: 01/14/14 12:27 PM

Dear Mr. William Marlin:

I hereby acknowledge receipt of your two emails dated January 8, 2014 with New Year’s Greetings, and regarding the reorganization of the National Alliance, although all our previous attempts to meet on the subject since 10-10-10 have been futile.

You will recall that what first attracted me to the National Alliance was when all existing political groups responding to the national fervor of the new millennium decided to form a united front to fulfill the mandate of the people of St. Maarten for separate status on June 23, 2000. I was particularly captivated by the charisma of the patriot Vance James Jr. and his call to step out, to band together to fashion an inclusive participatory approach to governance and to build consensus at all levels of decision making. Fortunately for me, as president of the First Congress of the National Alliance I could draw on that inspiration, and I had the honor and privilege of working with a team that included party stalwarts like Edgar Lynch, Camille Bailey and others, who valued the importance of organization, inclusion and team-work. It is because of their passion we were able to reorganize the party structure, attract many new and young voters to the party, energize the districts and make history by capturing all seats in the Federal Elections of the Netherlands Antilles on January 22, 2010. Consequently, we received the overwhelming mandate of the people on September 17, 2010 to make Country Happen. I still believe that the National Alliance was the right and viable entity then to usher in the constitutional changes, and I am very pleased to have been part of this experience.

However, since 10-10-10, a lot has happened and I had an opportunity to touch base with the masses, to listen to their disappointed cries and to carefully analyze the political developments in our young nation. I watched as our party quickly abandoned its Country Agenda and sidelined the mandate of the people in order to satisfy individual greed and pursue ambiguous pipe dreams and individual legacies. With bated breath we observed a so-called “Calypso coup” and “Mexican standoff” which made investors and financial institutions nervous, and damaged the image of St. Maarten regionally and internationally. We gazed as politicians made a mockery of the Constitution and a circus of the Parliamentary Rules of Order.

As a brand new parent, I imagined the day when my daughter finally decides to leave home for college, and after convincing her that she has made a great decision, I do everything in my power to orchestrate her demise, undermine her success, destabilize her aims, and make her life miserable. St. Maarten truly deserves better! If government falls it should be on policy not petty partisan politricks.

Thus, after careful thought, consideration and prayer, I have concluded that my core values are not aligned with the deteriorating dysfunctional and complacent organizational culture within the party, and that inflated egos are not conducive to the kind of will, competence, innovation, imagination, vision or capacity needed to lift this country to economic sustainability, growth and prosperity. Hence, it is with deep regret I hereby formally give notice of my resignation as a candidate and member of the National Alliance effective immediately. Frankly, I can no longer justify spending countless hours away from my young family or expending my energy and efforts for the benefit of those whose performance or representation in the first Government or Parliament of St. Maarten leaves so much to be desired. I knew it was time to leave when I realized that I could no longer in good conscience look anyone in the eye and say, “I am proud to be a member of the National Alliance.” And if you have not already, you will soon realize that I am not alone in that resolve or determination.

I thank the National Alliance for all the kindness and friendship extended to me and my family over the years, and I wish all of you the very best for the future. Wherever my journey leads me, I am still a humble friend and servant of the people. In the coming days, weeks or months in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human rights, I will be looking for a team to throw my support behind (whether actively or passively- still yet to be determined) who put people first and will take immediate steps to restore Trust in government, expand and upgrade Health Care and protect Social Security, preserve our Natural and Cultural Heritage, keep Taxes and Utility costs low and create decent paying Jobs. I am very mindful of the generalization that all political parties are the same, but for now, “I’d rather have my ship sunk at sea than rot in the harbor. To exceed our limits we must test them; and to fly we must risk falling.”


Terry J. Peterson

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