Tenth murder of the year

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Victim was on probation for a 2010-conviction
Tenth murder of the year

St. Maarten – Within twenty-four hours of the double murder on A.T. Illidge Road on Thursday morning another murder occurred. Around six o’clock yesterday morning police found the body of Sheldon Thomas on the G. Alexis Arnell road in Cay Hill, commonly known as the Cakehouse Road. Thomas was shot in the head. It is the tenth murder this year in St. Maarten.
On September 15 of last year, the Court in First Instance sentenced Thomas to a 6-month conditional prison sentence with 2 years of probation. He also had to do 140 hours of community service. Thomas was sentenced for taking a cell phone away from a man whom he had ill-treated a week after the theft as well.
Thomas was also at the center of a controversy about the limited access his attorney claimed to get to his clients at the police station. After Thomas was arrested on July 16, it took four days before his attorney Mr. Geert Hatzmann spoke with him. The attorney said in court that police the officers were pre-occupied with consuming a Chinese meal, Hatzmann said.
The Thomas-murder is the tenth for the year. On Thursday Kevin Gumbs and Eric Lake were shot to death on the A.T. Illidge Road.
The first murder victim of the year was Ludovic Guillevin, who was killed on February 25 in Mullet Bay. On March 4 something eerily similar to the events of the past two days happened. First Eduardo Nova-Valdez was killed. On the same day, Emilio de Leon-Reyes was murdered, and the very next morning Fidel Luis was found murdered near Learning Unlimited.
On April 16, Amador Jones was shot to death at the under the Sun car Wash across from the John cooper / Jose Lake BAL Park in Cul de Sac.
Hector Miguel Arrindell was expected to appear in the Court in First Instance on May 26, but he never made it to the courthouse. The day before the hearing Arrindell – a suspect in the Snowflake-investigation, a large cocaine-smuggling case – was shot to death in Cole Bay. His brother Rodolfo, who was also involved in the cocaine-smuggling case survived until the first week of July. But on July 7, when he came home late at night, a gunman ended his life under the eyes of his wife as he got out of his car near his house in Fort Willem.
Chief prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos was short on details about the latest murder. He confirmed the victim’s identity, but declined to say anything about the way the murder was committed. “It is under investigation,” Mos said.
There was already a TGO (Team for large-scale investigations) in place, after the murder of Amador Jones, the shooting at a man from St. Kitts by his brother Omar, and the two Arrindell-murders. “The team is topped up now by extra manpower from the RST and the Marechaussee,” Mos said. We’re also getting assistance from Aruba and Curacao.”
Altogether, about twenty detectives are involved in the investigations. “If people want this to stop they’ll have to step forward if they know something,” Mos said. “The officers that are now working on these cases have no time for burglaries, domestic abuse cases or rape. People need to understand that with the manpower we have currently at our disposal we are not able to do everything.”
Mos referred to the shooting incident in Dutch Quarter whereby a man from St. Kitts was shot at. The victim clearly described the shooter to the police and identified him as Omar, the brother of murder victim Amador Jones.
“Omar Jones came with four witnesses who all said that he was somewhere else at the time of the shooting,” Mos said. “That is why we had to let him go. We cannot detain someone if we have no proof. I understand that there were dozens of witnesses when the shooting occurred. If any of those people stepped forward to identify the shooter, we may have a case again.”
People who have information that could help the police solve these crimes should call 581 37 81. This number is available around the clock. The anonymous tip line under number 9300 is also available to people who want to give information.

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